offering great coffee and a relaxing place to rest your weary bones
since sometime in the future

Some day this will be the website for an amazing coffee shop that I can picture in my mind.

Until then it's the home page of one Bob Bill Phil Gill. Glad to meet yah. Kick your shoes off if you like, stretch out in that comfy chair over there and relax for a bit. While you're here visit a few of the links below if you want to learn more about me and the things I find amusing, interesting or just feel like sharing.

Favorite Sites


The Worcester County Poetry Association is a poetry group I belong to. I maintain their website and also act as treasurer.

Andrew, Ted and I wrote a haiku a day from Thanksgiving 2003 thru Epiphany 2004.

The rest of my online poetry can be found here.


One of my favorite things to do is cook for my friends and family. Head over to my cooking blog for recipes and links to great food & cooking sites.

Odds and Ends

Find me on Facebook. Read my online journal. Check out my resume (circa 2004).


New layout for the photo albums was put in place Sept. 17, 2011. You can visit the photo albums by clicking here.


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