Saturday Night Delights

by Robert W. Gill

Copyright - August 16, 1998

Winged gargoyles rub noses
Chili peppers are strewn about.
Snowmen sit precariously on a ledge
Beneath a man with green face, tan robe and cranberry hat.

Shepherd's are devoured
And the world is tossed about
- finally coming to rest under my bed.

Poe + the Mice hold hands
While the juggler's lady sits on display.

Swing, Rusted Root,
Beethoven and songs of liberation
Echo in the air,
The music of my life.

Insults and innuendo are thrown about
Without fear
Only one rule tonight

The libation of the God's
Is downed and conversation
Flows like an endless pot of mocha java.

Are curling iron burns really
Hickies in disguise or vis versa?
Can transporters be made with Legos?
Is Jack missing from the deck and why?

Scribbling on paper is hard to do
Without conscious thought.
Faces within will bring
Joy and wonder to others.

Pilgrimages can get boring
Perhaps that's part of the journey.

Time flows at an uneven pace
And chocolate is devoured in equal portion.
Night grows old
And when it dies
I turn out the light
And slip into oblivion.

How did you spend Saturday night?


Last updated: December 23, 1998
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