by Robert W. Gill

Copyright - November 15, 1998

I visited gravestones today.
I don't speak of the dead for the bodies of those I loved
hold no meaning for me once passed from this realm.
I believe that upon their death the part that made them them went to another place, a better place.
Another part is left in the care of those who knew, cherished and loved them.
What is left, empty vessel, hollow shell with stilled intellect, in of no import.

I visited gravestones today to touch base.
With those who came before me and the legacy they left.
Their lives, known + unknown to me, are the basis of my life.
The stuff of their existence flows in my veins.
The wisdom they shared runs through my soul.
Their broken dreams and shattered hearts burnt offering for my earthly struggle.
Their triumphs mute testimony to the strength I learned at their feet.

I visited gravestones today to remember.
To remember who I am,
To remember the important things.
To remember holidays, weekends and summer vacations
spent frolicking in liquid splendor.
To remember sacrifices made in honor.
To remember the insignificance of so many things,
like traffic james and beepers and low fat ice cream.
To remember the pain of their departure.
To remember the joy I knew in the short time we shared together.
To remember my mentors, family and friends.

I visited grave stones today.
You weren't their when I arrived
Sean Michael,
Ma + Pa,
Grampy D and Meme,
Granny and Gramps.

No you weren't there when I arrived
but you stood by my side as I walked into tomorrow.


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