by Robert W. Gill

Copyright - December 27, 1998

I awake in darkness broken by the street light as it passes into my room.
I dress, prepare coffee and drive to work in gloom.
I enter a building wrapped in silence,
lights dimmed in conservation
find my cube and settle in.
I check email, scan system logs and look at my schedule
with only the phosphorus glow of my monitor as aide.
Routines have their benefits.

At this hour I do not worry about interruptions.
An hour for now the bodies will be stacking up outside my door
but for now my work goes smoothly.
Time flows at it's own pace when the world is cloaked in half light.
As I finish up my efforts dawn arrives in the distance silhouetting the landscape.
Black gives way to grey,
grey to a palette of reds, yellows and oranges,
colors yield to grey once more,
a dingy winter's day arrives.

Soon enough my day draws to a close.
I follow a headlight lit path home.
The only glow to greet me is from the
same street light that began my day.

A bitter wind may blow all winter.
Warmth may hide it's rays from my toes.
But tomorrow will dawn brighter
As we follow a star lit path across the sky.

Today is the winter solstice.
Darkness reigns this day alone.
Tomorrow light begins to shift the balance once more.
Soon day will rule my life again.


Last updated: March 24, 1999
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