by Robert W. Gill

Copyright - December 20, 1998

Voices strained with joy
she speaks the words
she has dreamed of and on for years.

Her eyes wet with glee
she looks into the soul of her beloved
and finds there hope enough for a lifetime.

In his eyes she has found fulfillment
in his arms comfort
in this man she has found love, true love.

"Marriage is what brings us together today.
That blessed event, that dream within a dream."
 A shared theme for them,
a bond formed almost from their first meeting.

Time shared in art led to hours spent talking
led to quiet moments together
led to a planned lifetime side by side.

Storybook tale it may seem but together
they will face joy/sorrow, pain/love,
fear/truth as one.

Vows spoken aloud for another's benefit
are made complete in their souls.
Forever bound one to the other
forever one.


Last updated: March 24, 1999
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