San Deigo Haiku

by Robert W. Gill

Copyright - November 11, 2003

In October 2003 I attended a conference in San Diego, CA. At that time wildfires were raging in the vicinity, San Diego was pretty much shutdown, and the conference was very subdued. People I know in San Diego were living in "you might have to leave your home at any moment" mode; car packed with important papers and a few memories, escape routes and backups and so forth. You can read a bit more about my experience in diary entries I wrote at the conference and after I returned home.

Out of my experience these five haiku were born. I hadn't written anything poetic in many months, felt the need to express some of what I saw on the trip and these five haiku came out of that. I posted them in my online diary and ended up doing a haiku writing project with Andrew and Ted.

Red orange sun
plays peek-a-boo through the smoke
the birds are silent.

Sun spots seen clearly
with the unaided human eye
radiant beauty.

The face of this pain
lies stiff against the window
waiting sirens call.

Blue sky will return
when unpredicted rain falls
to quench bounded flame.

Lightning begets firestorm
Rain flows into mudslide
how many more will die.


Last updated: April 22, 2004
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