You are invited to attended the

20th Annual Trash Bag Party!!!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011
starting at 12 noon
continuing until all the trash bags are labeled

Festivities take place at
382 Williams Street, Marlboro
(directions below)

Food and drink will be in abundance!!!

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[Christmas presents]

Come on down and do a good deed before the holiday season overruns your good intentions!

You're having a what?

So you are probably asking yourself "what the he** is a trash bag party?" A lifetime ago (or so it seems) I agreed to help the father of a friend for a couple of hours with a Christmas giving program. Little did I realize what I was getting myself into. Since then I've been tasked with "trash bag duty". Here's how it works:

Each family that signs up for the program is given an identifying number and each child within that family is given a letter. Each child usually receives 2-3 gifts. As the gifts are sorted, they are placed in drawstring trash bags that have a label with the recipients' number/letter printed on it. And that's where we come in.

Of course buying the trash bags is the easy part. Each bag has to be removed from the box and have a label applied to it. The bags are bundled in groups of 100, tied together and piled. At the end of the night the bags will be picked up by the Christmas Giving Program. Last year we were asked to provide 3700 trash bags for labeling.

We have a good size home and we'll find a spot for anyone who comes over to label some bags.  It is often very quiet at the beginning of the party so if crowds aren't your thing that's a good time to come by.

Please consider stopping by for an hour or two to help out. It's not difficult, the house will be full of interesting people to talk with, and we try to keep things lively to make the time fly by.


From I-495, take exit 24A to Route 20 East (this exit is north of the Mass Pike and south of route 290.)

Merge onto route 20 East, and take a right at the first traffic light (Williams St.) After passing the ball fields, take a left to stay on Williams Street (there is a left-turning lane).

My house is 3/10 of a mile down on the left, #382 Williams Street, directly across from the first Fidelity Investments entrance. It's a gray house with red trim and a matching shed.

Home phone is 508-303-0516. Cell is 508-740-5760.

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